August 25, 2009

RWA Golden Heart Contest

Romance Writer's of America has their Golden Heart writing contest every year. This is possibly the largest contest in romance writing in America and I plan to enter. Entry starts September 21st this year. Luckily, I have everything ready for it. The manuscript is formatted from the last contest and the synopsis is done. All I need is my entry form and fee. I'll keep you updated.

August 24, 2009

And Away We Go.

It's off. My 1 page synopsis and query letter are off to a prospective agent. I'm sending it snail mail, which will give me about 2 months to hear from the Gival Press contest I entered into. Takes a long time, but I wanted to make sure to do everything right. If this one doesn't work out I have an entire list of agents that I've researched to fit my book. :)

August 20, 2009

Guess What? It's Finished.

Yes, the synopsis for Novel #1 is finally done. Hopefully I can keep it that way. I have an annoying habit of rewriting and rewriting and rewriting even when it's fine. I have purchased the book above to help me submit my manuscript and shop it around to agents. Ugh, the drama. Wish me luck :)

August 18, 2009

Oh For The Love...

Is this finished yet? Technically, yes, but I feel like I will never be done with the synopsis. No wonder Carolyn Jewel calls it "dreaded". I thought this would be the easy part. I wrote a 351 page novel in one year without worry, but this sucker is a beast of it's own. I do, however, have more than one sentence done now. I have approximately 9 paragraphs. The only problem is making them play together nicely. I've probably rewritten each paragraph about 5 times already and I'm close! I'll keep you updated :)

August 9, 2009


I've finally had the time and energy to start working on the synopsis for The First Romantic Suspense. I would have just sent in my query letter and then started working on a synopsis if an agent was interested, but most of the agents require a synopsis to be sent along with. So far I have one sentence done. Lol.
There are many different opinions on what a synopsis should be. Some say it's more about feelings and tone, but others say it's a step-by-step telling of your book. I'm writing both. It depends on how long the synopsis should be and that depends on the agent. If they want 1 page I'm going to give them the feelings and tone, but if they want 10-30 pages I'll do the step by step.
Off to work...