October 26, 2009


I'm done rewriting the query letter for The First Romantic Suspense. I was less motivated to do it before, but now that it's finished I feel much better. I'm waiting until November 31st to hear back from two agents I currently have active on my submission report to respond and then I am going to send out the new letter to another ten agents. We'll see how it goes. A few workshops I've gone through recommend finding a book for each agent I submit to that is similar to my own. It's a lot of work, but I think it will actually help in the long run. So to add to my goals I am going to start my research to find another story similar.
Now that I've finished my goal for this week I'm spending some extra time on revising The First Romantic Suspense. Yeah, I know, I thought it was done too, but remember when I said most people who've read it (actually all people) didn't like the ending? Well that's going to change. I'm even adding an additional character who will also be in the sequel. Plus there are always little things I miss. This week my used-to-be-completed manuscript is going in a three-ringed binder and I'm going to be carrying it around until I'm done with it. Seems a shame since I spent $25.00 making it all pretty and bound. But that's just what I've got to do.

October 20, 2009


While on vacation I have come up with some great breakthroughs in my writing. First, I'm letting myself rewrite the ending to The First Romantic Suspense. It will connect more to the second book and end more happily-ish. Second, is just that. The new ending of book one gave me more ideas for The Second Romantic Suspense. I'm still trying to make the chapters play nicely together, but these new ideas are a great addition since I have been in somewhat of a writer's block.

October 13, 2009


I haven't posted in a while and thought I would share some updates as well as post this great quote of Ms. Evanovich's from her "Questions About Writing" on her site.

Q. What if I send my book to a lot of agents and none of them wants to represent me?

JANET: If being a writer is important to you, keep at it, keep improving, and don't give up. I wrote three books that were never published. I sent the first one out to everybody. I went through every agent and publisher in New York, twice. The only positive letter that I got back was from an agent, but it was written in purple crayon on a bar napkin, so I didn't follow up on it. Then, presto, ten years later I was a published author.

First, I haven't entered into the RWA Golden Heart contest. I didn't realize in order to enter you had to be a member of RWA. I am more than willing to become a member of this prestiges group, but lack the money to do so. Some day it will happen.

Second, I haven't been writing AT ALL. It's bad, I know. Good news? I'm still planning out my second novel in my head. I've even fixed a few chapters up there, but haven't written them yet. As for my first novel, I don't know what to do with it. For the people who've read it, the end is a bummer. It doesn't really end as a happy story, and they think I need to rewrite. Some days I agree, but am not sure how it will work out with the sequel.

Third, I am rethinking my titles. Any thoughts (if you've read the book)? If you haven't any titles that you think would be suited for a romantic/suspensful novel? And if you want to read it, just ask.

And last, I have decided to go back to school, but in a different program. I feel good about a my writing and would like to get the credentials to help me out. Currently, I'm trying to get program information about UVU's English department and we'll see where it takes me. Wish me luck :)