September 26, 2009

Trouble in the Field

I'm having a hard time staying motivated on a lot of things lately. I've sent my Novel #1 query letter out to 10 agents. So far, 6 have replied with no interest. Rejection is always hard, but it's just mostly annoying. I've read that I should send out 10 at a time and if they all come back with rejections, rewrite and send out to another 10. My problem is I spent almost 3 months perfecting my query letter for this novel and can't see myself spending MORE time on it in a rewrite. But I guess I don't have a choice. I will wait for the other 4 agents to respond by Oct 31st. If by then I haven't heard anything, then it's time to start over.
I've also considered something else that could happen. There are some authors out there who are published, but some of their manuscripts never made it that far. I'm not sure if my first novel could be one of them. I almost want to just keep moving forward with the second novel and leave the first behind.

September 9, 2009

Musical Motivation

Do it now
You know who you are
You feel it in your heart
And you're burning and wishing

At first, wait, won't get it on a plate
You're gonna work for it harder and harder
And I know 'cause I've been there before
Knocking on the doors with rejection (rejection)
And you'll see 'cause if it's meant to be
Nothing can compare to deserving your dream

It's amazing, it's amazing all that you can do
It's amazing, it makes my heart sing
Now it's up to you

Patience, now, frustration's in the air
And people who don't care
Well it's gonna get you down
And you'll fall (fall)
Yes you will hit a wall
But get back on your feet
And you'll be stronger and smarter

And I know 'cause I've been there before
Knockin' down the doors, won't take "No" for an answer
And you'll see 'cause if it's meant to be
Nothing can compare to deserving your dream

- Jem - It's Amazing

September 2, 2009

4 More

I've sent my query letter out to another 4 agents this week, hoping one of them will request more information.

I've also been spending a lot of time on The Second Romantic Suspense. It seems small, but I have about 5 chapters done. I'm just touching them up before I move on. I'm still not entirely sure where this storyline is going, but have a lot of ideas of what to put in it. I know how the book ends, it's just getting there that counts. The First Romantic Suspense took me about 6 months to write and about 6 more months to edit and make perfect. If I can even get that close with The Second Romantic Suspense I'll be lucky. I have a feeling it's not going to work that way though.

As you can also see the covers for my two novels are different again. Remember they are just for fun. I made them because I was bored and am not very creative when it comes to Photoshop.