January 8, 2010


I'm back to working on the dreaded synopsis for The First Romantic Suspense. Since I had revised so much in the last session of editing I had to redo nearly the entire thing. It's a good thing, for the better, but still a lot of work. I revised it again today and now I will have to go back and edit again. My next project is to revise the query letter. Right now I have two very intelligent friends going over the MS for me and I'm nervous about what they might say. I would like to find a local writing group to get more opinions, something to keep my focused and grounded when it comes to writing. So I need to do a little more research. Once I'm finished revising the synopsis and query letter, here's my next goal:

Here's a quick assignment: Make a list of markets to which you would like to submit your work (using WritersMarket.com, of course). Then, make one submission each day until you've run through the list. Once you get into a daily submission routine, you can continue throughout 2010.

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