April 3, 2010

Definately Dead by Charlaine Harris

Sookie Stackhouse is off on another supernatural adventure, and this time she is bringing along Quinn, an event planner who happens to turn into a tiger under a full moon. The vampire queen of Louisiana has requested Sookie’s presence in New Orleans, and when any vampire, especially royalty, asks for something, it’s definitely a good idea to accommodate her. Sookie was planning to go to New Orleans anyway; her cousin, Hadley, left her estate to Sookie after her second death. Hadley was a vampire who met another untimely end, and she was also a close, personal friend to the queen.

Sookie arrives to find her cousin’s apartment sealed under a protective spell of a witch. She is also unfortunate enough to find a newly bitten vampire in the closet. The stasis spell kept the apartment frozen in time, and Sookie’s arrival broke the spell - and awoke the extremely hungry vampire. His presence in Hadley’s apartment raises a multitude of questions, and the queen is determined to find out what happened to her lover. Sookie finds herself once again embroiled in vampire politics and the target of attacks by an unknown enemy.

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