February 28, 2011

This vs. That


From my experience, more recently including discussions in my writers group, urban fantasy is based primarily on a female protagonist with some type of supernatural powers (in an urban setting, of course), while paranormal fiction is made up of both male and female main characters. 

I've been told urban fantasy was born with the likes of Lara Croft-type heroines in mind: able to handle themselves, strong, intelligent, have attitude (all those things men seem to be afraid of :) )

Currently, I'm seeing some of the critiques feature males as the MC, but listed as urban fantasy. What do you think? What do you consider urban fantasy?


  1. Yep..I too have heard the same thing. I feel its time someone changed that, created a male MC for an urban fantasy. :)

  2. lol to be honest, I have no idea. I currently write neither so I never researched it. Interesting though.


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