March 10, 2013

A Look Into My New Series

I'm in the middle of revisions on my newest WIP, Mortal Eclipse.

I started this book three years ago and meant it to be the second installment in the five-book series. Turns out, it sat better as a great introduction.

Right now, Vdarra Jansen's just been hit over the head with a tire iron while trying to repo a woman's car. What happens next is only the beginning...

The word “hypnotizing” came to mind when she heard the voice, a deep tone that made her want more, like an Australian accent. Unclear as to where the words came from, Vdarra suspected she wouldn’t be able to forget the sound if she happened to suffer another round of amnesia. The words had been familiar in a way, almost as if she’d heard the voice before. A tugging sensation took residence in the center of her chest and her attention drew to the black blur on her left side.

Look out for Mortal Eclipse and the rest of the Afterlife Series coming soon!

Vdarra Jansen doesn’t have memory of anything until eight years ago, but her kidnappers don’t care.

Held captive by a trio claiming to be immortals, Vdarra is ripped from her normal life as a repo expert in NYC and thrown into the world of the Afterlife.

Jacob, former archangel and warrior of Heaven, is desperate to find the key to raising the secret army of hell before the demon and nearly loses his mind when the similarities between his lost love and their captive overlap. Caught between his desperate need to find his banished mate and the moral obligation to save billions of lives, Jacob realizes he can’t have one without losing the other.

Jacob and Vdarra fight against the past and the Deceiver himself to prevent the Heiress’s resurrection, but without the key to the army or Vdarra’s memories to guide them, the fate of mankind is doomed to end and so is their rekindling love.

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