February 1, 2010


I have the first five chapters set in The Second Romantic Suspense and have half of the "inserts" done. This pretty much completes my layout of the novel and now I can go in and expand and clarify, and revise and edit...etc...hoping over the next month or so I will have a complete first draft. It gives me great joy when something I've been working on for so long comes together. This weekend I hadn't even planned on getting so much done, it just fell into place.
I'm still waiting on the reviews for my first novel from a few people. Once I get those back I will have a better understanding of critiques and be able to polish the MS. From there I go shopping...for agents.
This week my goal is to revise and edit The First Short Story. I need to get it ready for a couple contests by cutting it down to 4,000 words. It's harder than it sounds...

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