January 24, 2011

Open Range

February is the time when I send out my second novel to my final BETA readers. Yep, the MS has been torn apart, put back together and edited within an inch of it's life.

So what now?

Really my only goal this year was to get ALL BECAUSE OF YOU ready and submitted to agents. So in February, while my BETAs are reading, I am open to critiques.

Need a critique of your first chapter, your synopsis, query or your entire MS? February is the time to send it to me! I don't charge, but I am really detailed. So I hope you're willing to hate me after you receive the final read through.

How to submit to me: First, read my Services page so you understand my guarantee. Second, email me (on the Contact page) with whatever you need help with. It's that simple!

I am taking a break from writing (but not school) in the month of February - so give me about two days for your single chapters to be reviewed and week-week and a half for your entire MS.

If you submit to me between the dates of February 1 and February 28 your project WILL BE CRITIQUED, even if March comes and I have to get back to work :)


  1. Wow, that's a generous offer. I don't have anything ready for critiquing just yet (it's all a bit rough at the mo). I might send something in the next few weeks.

  2. No problem! Send me whatever you can whether it's a chapter or a scene...I'll do it :)

  3. Totally awesome offer! I came here through an i-don't-even-know amount of link clicks, but I think I'll stick around and send some stuff your way!

  4. Wow, anyone can submit their (revised) work to you? May I ask, do you tend to crit on the surface level (grammar, word choice, dull spots), at the deeper level (pacing, character, voice), at the big-picture/structure level (what scenes should go, how the ms could be stronger), or some combination of the above? I'm so intrigued!!

  5. Combination, Brandi. Also depends on how revised the MS already is. No one author is the same, so I can't critique the same.

  6. Awesome! This is great! Just got to put some final touches on it and I'll be in touch!


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