August 22, 2011

Creating My Craft Binder

The craft binder is coming along nicely. But...I ran out of sheet protectors and I have about another 50 pages that will go in there.

Step 1 to Creating My Craft Binder: Find articles and take notes on how to craft a successful novel. I also have notes from previous semesters about studying novels, poetry, and short stories.

Step 2 to Creating My Craft Binder: Organize all the articles and writing notes I've collected over the last four years. Categories include: Characterization, Plotting, Dialogue, Revisions, GMC, etc.

Step 3 to Creating My Craft Binder: Put the articles and notes into sheet protectors.

Step 4 to Creating My Craft Binder: Make a kick-ass cover design!

I've made my binder to keep organized and quick-reference important parts and worksheets for writing my novels. Many people remember these important parts throughout their career, but I have really bad memory and I love filling out worksheets :)

Have you made your craft binder yet?

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