August 21, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

From the current WIP I'm revising: BLEED THIS WAY. Check out other Sixers while you're at it!

Torrhent and Taigen are on the run from the FBI and the antagonist's assassins. In Taigen's opinion, the last place they'd look is a cop's house, but he hasn't told Torrhent the entire truth. The two are hiding behind the front door as LAPD shows up to investigate the stolen truck in the driveway.

Reaching behind him, Marcus fumbled for his wallet and flashed his credentials. “I’m Agent Marcus Grant of ATF.”

Torrhent bolted to her feet.

Taigen wrenched around to hold her in place, pushing her back against the wall. He clamped a hand down over her mouth to keep her from screaming, but wasn’t sure he could hold her in place for long. His face was inches away from hers, her breath warm on his hand.

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