September 1, 2011

Let's Take a Poll to Pick My New Name

*********My new name has been chosen and will be revealed this upcoming Sunday!*********

Ok, stalkers. I need your help. I don't write under my real name, at least not my real last name. Why? Because I don't like it. (I love you, husband!). So I've been using my mother's maiden name, McIntyre. However, my writing has nothing to do with Scotland, Scottish people, Scottish accents, Scottish traditions, etc. NOTHING.

I need a last name that says I write suspense. I want it short and catchy. I want people to remember it and I want to like it :)

Therefore, I am hosting a poll. PLEASE participate in the poll to the right of this post. There you will find the names I've dwindled my long list down to. If you have a name you'd think I like, please comment in this post. I appreciate your input and will even award prizes :)

1 comment:

  1. I have to say, I still like Tosh Nichols. Short, sweet, to the poin t, like John Grisham, or Clive Cussler. Tosh is androgynous enough to be male or female and is very strong/memorable. Good luck! :)


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