January 23, 2013

Die For Me is Coming Soon!

I'm happy to annouce Beyond the Page Publishing has agreed to publish DIE FOR ME! Expected release is April or May, but the details are still fuzzy.

For those of you who've read LET ME OUT, this is Taigen's story and I can't wait to share it with you!

If you remember, I had a lot of trouble with this story. I'd actually written it about four years ago, but ended  up rewriting the entire book last year under the direction of my critique partner. So, after all the revisions it's gone through, the email debacle of last week and me running around with my head chopped off, I bring you: DIE FOR ME.

Ex-hitman Taigen Banvard’s skills have failed him when it comes to tracking a serial killer.

When a former ally in the ATF office informs him someone is hunting his murderous, sociopathic sister, Adelaide, Taigen fears the possibilities. He takes it upon himself to bring her to justice, but the only lead he has to finding his sadistic twin is Torrhent Lynd, escaped convict and step-daughter of Isaac Rutler, the man set on using Adelaide as a personal assassin. Taigen settles back into the life he gave up in order to save thousands of potential victims, but allying himself with Torrhent begins to resurrect other parts of his life best left in the past.

After her escape from Bedford Hills Prison, Torrhent is determined to make Rutler pay for the murder she was wrongly convicted for; her mother’s. She travels across the country to enlist the kind of help only a hitman can provide, only what she gets, isn’t what she bargained for. Her step-father’s associates want the bounty on her head and Torrhent realizes Taigen Banvard is just like them, a monster, and just as dangerous.

The more they are forced to bleed for each other, the more Taigen and Torrhent trust one another; a mistake they can’t afford if they plan to walk away alive. But with the FBI on their trail, Adelaide on the loose and Rutler’s hired guns looking for blood, hitman and convict must find a way to work together to save countless lives at stake

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