January 19, 2013

Oh, the Horror!

This last week I discovered my author email account hasn't been forwarding 100% of my emails to the account I use most often. The first hint I got was when my editor from The Wild Rose Press swore she emailed Sour Cherry's cover to me last month.

I hadn't seen it. So she resent it to me. No big deal. I posted it, everything was going great.

The second clue I received was I still hadn't heard about a release date for Sour Cherry.

I know what you're thinking: it could just be The Wild Rose Press emails. I thought of that too, but I couldn't even find them in my spam folder. So began my investigation.

The hosting service I use for my website allows me to add any number of email accounts. The only problem: they require a different password for each, which includes letters, symbols and numbers. I have the shortest short term memory I know of, add on a pregnancy and I can't remember my name most of the time. How was I supposed to remember what my password was to my author account?

Luckily, I married a smart man. This man manages all of my websites through the host. He was able to reset my passwords and now I can reach my author account directly instead of having everything forwarded. We also put it on my iPhone so I can check there.

And now for the horror.

I had 250+ unread emails that had never been forwarded. One of those was a contract offer on Die For Me. FROM NOVEMBER.

I was horrified. I literally got up from my desk and had to walk back and forth across the property to cool down. And even then, my anger hadn't subsided by the time I got home. So what is an author to do?

I emailed the publisher. Explaining what happened, I patiently waited for a reply as to whether they were still interested in the title.

Two days later, I received a yes. I was ecstatic. Someone is actually interested in this book. Yay me!

And then I remembered: I have a full request sitting with a publisher I'd rather go to from December. So, using all my years of research and querying, I decided to email said publisher. I explained I had an offer and would like an answer on my full request.

Come to find out, they never received the full I sent.

BLASTED EMAIL, you're at it again.

In the end, I resent the MS and I'm waiting for an answer from the publisher, but seriously?


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