June 13, 2013

Back into the Game

My baby is a month old and it's time for me to get back into the game of running. To do that, I've set myself a new goal.

Last year I'd made the announcement I was running Ragnar. And I fully intended to do it. I trained all summer...in Vegas...during the day. Seeing as I run better in 100+ degree temps better than Spring temps, it wasn't bad. I'd averaged about 5 miles a day.

Then I got pregnant. I even continued running, still determined to run the race. But it seemed Fate had other choices. Not that I was sick. In fact, I probably had the easiest pregnancy in the world. No, turns out my entire team decided not to run the event and I didn't want to run with strangers. 

Now, though. I've set a new goal: a half marathon.

This one to be exact: Big Cottonwood Marathon and Half

I've started my training and I have until September to get back my endurance back. I'm determined to finish this goal. Luckily my training program is perfect for me; run twice a week, long runs on the weekends. While this isn't a normal schedule and I do have a bit more weight to lose and muscle to get back, I'm also taking on the P90X challenge for an overhall.

Is anyone else taking on this challenge right now? Any tips? What goals have you set for yourself this year?

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