June 19, 2013

Settling Down

When I first started writing, I just wrote. I didn't care about getting published, if anyone ever read my book or what genre my book landed in. Turns out, when you do want to get published, you need to know who will read your book.

Throughout the years, and several books later (both suspense and romance), I found three similarities in every single one of my books.

One, there is a hero and a heroine.
Two, opposites attract.
Three, larger than life conflict.

Initially, I thought I could write just suspense and I tried with LET ME OUT and DIE FOR ME. But in the end, and with some words from my publisher, the books are actually romantic suspense.

With SOUR CHERRY, I actually set out to write straight romantic suspense and succeeded. I didn't struggle in the least to keep the balance between suspense and romance and finished the manuscript in record time.

The thriller I'm writing? The struggle is back and rearing its ugly head at every turn. I wanted this book to be a straight thriller for a better chance of landing my dream agent. However, the drive and the intuition aren't there.

And I know why.

I write romantic suspense. I love romantic suspense and I'm comfortable there. While my tastes will most likely change in the future or stories will make me grow out of that comfort zone, I'm trying to make my WIP into something it's not.

And now I'm going to go fix it.

Do you write in different genres? Are you comfortable doing it?

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