November 3, 2009

Moving Along

Just a quick update. Still working on revisions for The First Romantic Suspense. Seems to take forever. I didn't know I was so unhappy with the last version of my MS (manuscript). Today I've already written an additional 350 words. Cool, huh? That's considered a good day, I think. Some agents I've queried have come back with responses such as, "We only consider novels with 90,000 words minimum." I don't have plans at this time to write another 40,000 words for this MS, but we'll see where my new revisions take it.

I have only queried 10 agents so far for The First Romantic Suspense. It seems I'm starting from scratch again, but hey, it's got to be done. New query letter (with research included...see post below if you're confused), I will need to adjust my synopsis after my revisions are done and then start with another 10 agents.

As for The Second Romantic Suspense, I am adding adding additional "scenes", as I like to call them, to my layout. I keep a chapter-by-chapter summary of my novels as I'm writing to keep things in order. I can move one section to another, add a quick scene,'s more organized for me, even when I'm not actually writing. My layout is a place to write a quick description of what I want to add to this chapter or that chapter, so when I actually "sit down and do it", I already have it worked out. It feels small right now, but the first 5 chapters are halfway written. I say halfway because I've added many more scenes to my layout since my "Breakthroughs" post below. I just haven't actually written them.

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