March 15, 2010

So Close...

1 more chapter, 30 pages, and then I'm done with the first draft of All Because of You. I can almost celebrate the success of finishing my second novel, but I'm drawing a blank on the one chapter that will complete the book. I know what I want to write about, it's just getting it all out on paper, or laptop, whatever analogy you want to use. Once the last chapter is written I'll print it out, all 450 pages and let it sit for a few weeks before I dive into edits and revisions. You're probably asking "Why don't you just get right to it, Natascha?" and I will tell you why. I'm tired! I want a break from having to do this or that for a little while. I want personal time to read or workout, cause I haven't been doing either of those for a few weeks. Of course, I haven't been writing either, but we'll leave that alone for now.

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