October 2, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome back for Six Sentence Sunday! Now that major revisions are finished for BLEED FOR ME, I'm having some fun with a short story. May turn into a novella. Haven't decided. Let's take a look at CAUGHT WITHOUT PANTIES.

Trey Ashton has just been arrested for prostitution by sexy Officer Jesse Cane. They have a past and now, she's having a staring contest with her John in the cell across from her. Jesse has come in to give her back something she lost.

"These belong to you?” he asked as he came around the corner. Jesse held up something made of pink lace and black ribbon. “Got ‘em out of his pocket.”

            “And you thought I’d want them back after he touched them?” Trey smiled as best as she could out of sarcasm. “No thank you.”

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