May 18, 2010

On With The Show

I've submitted a query to the last agent on my list for All That I'm Living For. There won't be any more after this one. I'm moving on with my next projects and am leaving this novel behind. Today, I ran into a "real life writer" as I like to call him. I hadn't seen him in a couple months and updated him on all things Natascha. I told him I'd just finished my second novel and was about half way through the third. I informed him that this fall I'll be going back to school with a change of major: English Literature. I had the application filled out, just needed to submit it with payment to the school of my choice. Well, after talking to my writer friend, who suggested that I go for a MFA once I have a bachelors, I came home and submitted my application. I'm not sure what I was waiting for. I think I may have been nervous, but with the program I have in mind I've made the right choice. I'm getting more excited as the time moves closer. I think I'm finally ready to plunge headfirst into the industry.

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