May 14, 2010


I worked in jewelry for 5 years, so I have a pretty good clue as to what there is out there, how they work and even how to set them, which not a lot of people can say. But today, for some odd reason, I couldn't for the life of me find a watch that I wanted to use in my research for the third Banvard novel, All or Nothing. A watch plays a very important part in the storyline and I finally had to give in to go do some refresher courses on watches. It's been almost two years since I got out of the business. I didn't think I would lose my knowledge that quickly though. so today I spent about a half hour getting reacquainted with Movado watches. They're very beautiful and one of my favorite brands. I like the simplicity in style, yet the durability of the materials Sweden uses. Yes, they're Swedish watches. I tried to get a picture of the watch I'll be using in my novel, but the Movado website apparently doesn't like that, so no picture, but I will tell you it's going to be the two-toned, chronograph 800 Series.

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