May 4, 2010

Second Round

The second round of revision on All Because of You is underway. So far, I have one chapter down and fourteen to go. It doesn't seem like much until you see that each chapter is at least 30 pages long. My goal for the book was more length this time, so I kept to my 30 page/chapter goal throughout the entire book and am now having to take parts out or add more. To be honest, I'm not very good at descriptions. I can imagine a room or a character in complete detail, but forget to actually write it out. I definitely feel better about this book. The story is more action packed, the characters are more real to me. All That I'm Living For is full of flaws. It was my first novel and I'm not too absorbed in getting it published. I will try, but have come to accept that it may never happen. I have more chance with books 2 and 3 with the experiences that I've learned since All That I'm Living For.
All or Nothing (book 3) is still coming along well. Up to almost 240 pages now and counting with about 30 pages a week of writing. I'm constantly working on it in my head, but sometimes struggle to sit down and get my ideas onto paper. The thoughts end up building throughout the week until I find the motivation to get them out on the weekends.

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