June 17, 2010

What I Learned Today: Part I

Revisions aren't going very well with All or Nothing. I got up to about Chapter 2 and decided to start all over again then made the decision to leave it alone for a week. As you can imagine, it's now been two weeks and I haven't even thought about revisions or starting on my paranormal romance. Getting used to working again has its downside and for me writing is one of them. No worries though. As of two days ago, with the news of my membership in RWA, I've revived a little of my motivation. Starting Monday, it's back to revisions on All or Nothing, but today I worked on my paranormal. This is where my post title comes in. Today I learned a lot about my main character in Demon of Life. I knew little bits and pieces about her then turned to the character questionnaire I posted a few weeks ago. I've only toyed with the questionnaire AFTER my characters have a life of their own, but this time I started with it and was amazed by what I discovered. Not only does she now have siblings, she's had a miscarriage that burdens her every day. I didn't know either of those facts this morning. The novel is coming into view and I'm even getting some ideas on the second in the series. Yes, I plan ahead.
The reason this post is titled Part I is because this weekend will be my first meeting with the local chapter of RWA: the Cactus Rose. I'm a little nervous. I have no idea how old the local members are, whether they'll be interested in anything I have to offer or whether I'll like the group at all. Part II will come on Sunday and I'll let you know.

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