June 30, 2010

Day Two

Today was a little bit easier on me. First off, I wasn't trying to get through my day with chocolate, my day had me by the hair and was pulling me through. I didn't think about candy at all! Better that way. Second, I got into my creativity goal during downtime at work. I started sketching again. I wasn't sure what to draw, but there happen to be one of the books I'm reading next to me and I decided to sketch the cover. The scan didn't turn out too well so I'll have to do another one tomorrow to show you guys.

But since this is a writer's blog, I will update you on my progress in the writing world. So far revisions are going well for All or Nothing. I realized the reason I only made it to chapter 3 the first time around was there was so much to be fixed! This past couple of days, I hunkered down and rewrote nearly all of chapter 1 and edited up to chapter 5. Today was my goal of finishing revisions, but that's obviously not happening. This weekend is my new goal, and since it's a three day weekend, more time = better writing. Research is still being conducted for My Demon of Life and when I say research, I mean paranormal romance books that are written in the same type of world as mine. I've read A LOT of paranormal romance, but have never written one and I want my new world to be believable. Studying others work will help some, but in the end, it all comes down to my imagination.

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