September 23, 2010

Life and Crap

Due to time constraints, tomorrow's post is here today. :)

Life is getting in the way of writing and by all the comments of my previous post, it sounds like that happens to a lot of other writers. I'm so close to my goal for the month (75% completion for the current W.i.P) that I can taste it. Right now it tastes like avocado (that's what I'm eating for snack time) and chocolate (my other favorite food).

I have a 750 word paper due Monday for my Modern Grammar class (yes, I said grammar). It's really more of a feeler paper for our bigger paper due in December. We're supposed to discuss what we'd like our big paper to focus on, how we're going to get there with research and our personal experience with this topic. Mine is grammar rules used in word processing software. I've discussed all the points I'm supposed to cover and....I'm only at 530 words. Crappy!

I've been trying to keep up on all your great blogs. Sorry if I don't comment on all of them. I'm trying! You guys have been so welcoming into this community and I can't thank you enough. Thank you for following me on this journey and I hope I can make it worth your while!

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  1. I've never put avocado and choc together before. I like avocado and I like chocolate. Logic says it should work ;)

    Best of luck reaching your goal!!


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