September 5, 2010

Progress Report

This week I've been focused on my second novel, All Because of You, and getting it ready to submit to agents. I have my list of about fifty agents to submit this work to and I'm researching each and every one to see which will be the appropriate homes for my book. Lots of fun :/

I've still been working on my current work in progress every now and then, treading through the murky waters of the middle of the novel and think I have a solution. The middle of novels are just filler really. The most important parts of a book being the middle and the end. Well, I always write the beginning and the end first, leaving me to deal with the filler, something I hate. The newlywed feeling of a new work in progress is gone at that time and you really have to motivate yourself to keep going. But keep going you must, or it will never be finished. It's going well though.

I've completely outlined my first try at a Sleuth, called Never Too Early, and just might start working on that book next. Right now, its fourth on my list, but I'm really excited about it and may start early.

So far only one person has commented on my contest for the month! You guys need to get it in gear if you want a chance to get Lean Mean Thirteen for free!

Hope you guys are having a good holiday weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of progress to me! Glad to hear it is all going well. :)


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