September 19, 2010

Show Me Yours

Yep, I want to know all about you! And how you write, of course :) Tell me how you find time to write and what you're writing. What is your personal writing process? Do other hobbies tear you away from the computer (laptop, pencil, paper, etc)? Do you have a job that gives you the ability to write your heart away?

One last question: What are you doing to network or market? We all know the publishing industry has changed over the years and it seems us writers need to be more like business managers now days. So what are you doing that gets the word out about yourself and your work?

Just a reminder September's Giveaway Contest is coming to a close in 11 days. To win a copy of Janet Evanovich's Lean Mean Thirteen, all you have to do is comment on this post.

Thank you for stopping by to my new followers. Introduce yourselves! I want to know all about you!


  1. DANG IT! I just deleted my whole comment accidentally! LOL Get rid of word verification. It's what did it. I thought I was done and clicked out right as it came up. ARGGG.

    Anyway, hey girl! Thanks for coming over to my blog! I love meeting runner/writers!

    I work at my desk with a desk top computer, on an ergonomically correct keyboard. =) I hate laptops. I make too many mistakes on them.

    I work during my baby's nap time but try to fit it in anywhere I can. Usually when the kids aren't around. I use facebook to network and just started using twitter for my blog posts. I go to EVERY conference I can to meet people and have made some really close friends doing that. Here in Utah, we have some great ones. You should move here! =)

    Anyway, That's what I do.

  2. Ha ha! Melissa, we just moved FROM Utah! We lived in Sandy and Orem. Where abouts are you? How do I turn off word verification?

  3. Oh, man! Where do I start? I write in the early morning wee hours and during nap time. I blog too much, clean too little and love the outdoors. It's a joke at my house that I'm a JackEE of all trades and a master of none! lol

    Have a great night!

  4. I squeeze time to write around the corners of my day. The only thing that tears me away from writing is my full-time job! I usually write straight on the comp, then print out and do some time in long-hand before back to the keyboard. Not really thinking much about networking and marketing at the minute, although I do love it when new folk find my blog, as I like to return the compliment! :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I should be writing more since I'm home all day and my kids are in school. I use a timer and make myself work for say and hour and then take a break. Usually when I get going I won't stop at the hour. Internet---email and blogs---are my downfall.

  6. I have to schedule time to write otherwise I get distracted with other things (I'm easily distracted). And Social Media is a great way of networking and marketing...but it can also take a lot of time away from writing ;)

  7. I write on my MacBook (laptop) and take notes on paper in a notebook (or scraps of paper, depending when inspiration hits me) and I do some plotting (during revisions...I'm not a plotter before/during my first draft) on a white board.

    I have a family, a big house, multiple pets, lots of gardens on over an acre, and a kid that is in a dance company every single night and on Saturdays. So my time is limited. I do most of my writing late at night from 11 pm-3 am...and get up a 6 am every morning. I am surviving off very little sleep to get it all done. I do my social networking (blogging/twitter) in bits in the morning, between getting family out the door, chores, errands. I'm trying to do less of that (blogging/tweeting) right now to finish revisions on current WiP (I need to be done by Nov. so I can start a new project for I have people waiting on it).
    It's very hard (okay, impossible) to do it all. I feel guilty all the time, because something or someone is always falling through the cracks. *sigh*

    I hope your writing is going well. :)

    Happy Humpday!

  8. I find snippets of time to write. Naptime, bedtime, two-year-old-actually-being-quiet-and-playing-nicely-for-ten-minutes-time. Anything but getting up early in the morning.

    As far as hobbies, I love anything craftsy, but so rarely have time for it. Le sigh.

  9. I work better if I get a huge block of time. But I don't always get that, so I'm learning to function in smaller increments.It's hard.

    Thanks for the heads up about GOTCHA-- I mean CAPTCHA!

  10. I am very fortunate to have the liberty of writing whenever I want to, so it’s not opportunity constrains that get in my way. I’m terribly distracted and find myself drawn away by other projects. As for networking, I simply try not to overwhelm myself with it—it’s sort of like sweets; a little goes a long way for me.


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