September 13, 2010


Out in the blogging world other writers I connect with seem to have a blogging schedule. This gives them a chance to focus on more important things, like writing (as I should be doing). So it comes down to this: My blogging schedule is now going to be Monday's (to let you know how the weekend was) and Friday's (to let you know how the week was).

So on to how the weekend went...

It was GREAT. I got A LOT of writing done this weekend for some reason, most of it being yesterday. Not only did I write an astounding 17 pages on My Demonic Love, the current WiP, I started writing a chapter of my Sleuth (to be actively worked on in 2011). For some reason, I woke up with an idea in my head that wouldn't leave and I had to sit down and write 10 pages of the novel. I also did a lot of research for My Demonic Love, trying to get inside the head of my hero and daily life as a cardiac surgeon. Here are some articles I found helpful if you ever need to work with this subject:
I also asked my aunt, who lives with my Nana, how my Nana's valve replacement went, what the surgeon explained, how long the surgery took, etc. to get a more personal touch into the mix. I think I'm done writing the mechanics of it and am focusing more on the daily life of a surgeon since novels are character driven. Hopefully it turns out well.

What did you do this weekend? Did you surprise yourself as I did?
I also want to welcome new followers! Thanks for being a part of this journey with me. Hope you enjoy :)


  1. Isn't it great when the writing just flows like that?

    I didn't have access to the computer on the weekend so I did a lot of hand writing and reading and things around the house. I actually got heaps done! Yay :)

  2. Totally! We must stick to a schedule. Mine was interrupted with scuba this w/end, but I can't complain!

  3. I tend to just go with the flow re blogging, but I agree sticking to a schedule would probably be better... for me it would be organised chaos at least!

  4. I shopped most of the weekend...which is fun, but I feel guilty because I should have been working on revisions. But I'm working on it now. (well, not NOW, since I'm here. *not procrastinating revisions at all* Nope. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Nice to meet you. I promise to be around more in a few weeks when I finish these revisions and get the books off to my CPs.

    Okay, I wasn't really here. *sneaks back out on tiptoes* *pulls the plug from the socket*


  5. I've just got into this blogging business, and I love it! I spent a lot of my weekend blogging and reading. That's writing related, right?

  6. I schedule NOTHING. This way I only do it when it's fun, and not when it's not! If it seems chaotic, it's because it is. I like life like that ;)

  7. I love a blogging schedule, although I find that some weeks I do my monday meeting on other various days. I still call it my monday meeting however. Some weeks are like that! ;)

    I had a great weekend, I was supposed to be revising, but I crit an entire book for someone, and wrote some things on two other projects--I figured out the end of a book that I had put away for nearly a year, and brainstormed on my nano project. Any writing is good writing after being out of touch for the last couple months of the summer.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. It looks like everyone had a pretty productive weekend! Congrats! Something in the air...???

    Cinette - Blogging and reading are both writing related :)

    Lola - good luck with revisions!

    Heather - Sounds like you still got a lot done. I'm jealous!


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