December 10, 2010

Impromtu Rewards

So, while on my break at work today, I decided to check Lauren Kate's blog to check for the latest updates. On the side of her blog there is a widget that posts her Twitter updates and, low and behold, I found out that Lauren Kate was in Vegas! I'd actually been wishing she would visit Vegas sometime soon and I got my wish. And she was at the Borders less than a mile away from work. Husband and I work for the same company, so we have one car. We drive to work together and go home together. Lauren wasn't going to appear at Borders until 7PM! What did I do? I dragged him along of course :)
Lauren Kate reading a scene from Torment
Lauren and I after she just signed my book!
Lauren before the reading
I found Lauren Kate absolutely delightful! She was very well composed, answered questions without hesitation, and made some great jokes. I'm so glad I took this opportunity!

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