December 1, 2010

In Their Own Words - Christian

   I’ve worked my way to the top and there’s no one who can take that away from me. I single-handedly made my company the leading manufacturer of weapons, but, as with any profession, being at the top isn’t easy. I’ve had to make my deals, some illegally, but nothing has stopped me from getting what I want. 

Especially when it comes to Adelaide.

I’ve dedicated my soul to her from the time I was sixteen. I went through hell to keep her for myself, saving her from that bastard Vicente. He made her into a slave, but I was the one who taught her how to survive and provided for her with everything I could. But she refuses to trust me, refuses to trust anyone. I would never let anyone hurt her. She’s my entire world and I will kill anyone who tries to keep us apart.

I’ve already dealt with one traitor in my ranks and now I’m forced to do so again. Adelaide is losing her touch with Marcus around, giving into the fantasy that she can live without me, but she has no idea what it’s like out there in the world. That damn ATF agent is planning to take her away from me, to let her loose, but I won’t let him.


  1. Well, I'm significanly freaked out by this character but I assume that's intended considering he's the antagonist. ;o) Good start to your series!

  2. Thanks, E. I was so impressed with your series, I thought I might try it myself :) It definitely made me face my characters head on!

  3. God he's scary. Great job! Who's the actor? I don't know him. He's scary too.

  4. Oh I love it! His power trip is really coming through on this!

  5. Makes me glad I'm not this Adelaide! lol

  6. The actor is Christian Kane. He's been in Angel and a few other things, but is really known now by Leverage on TNT as the Hitter.


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