November 28, 2010

Stolen Exercise

Thanks to The Piedmont Writer and E. Elle, I am hosting an "IN THEIR OWN WORDS" series for my second novel, ALL BECAUSE OF YOU. This will give you a chance to hopefully better understand the characters I've created, but mainly has helped me dive deeper into them. Starting Wednesday, you'll be able to meet Christian Wren (my antagonist), Friday will be Marcus Grant (protagonist) and next week, I'll be introducing you to both sides of Adelaide Banvard (protagonist).

If there are any writer's out there having trouble understanding, writing for or just expressing their characters, this is a great exercise and one I will continue to work on with each novel I create.


  1. I like the names you've chosen for your characters

  2. Thanks, Lynda! I've never had any problems choosing names. That's usually what I do first, then build a personality around that name. It certainly makes it easier for me to learn more about my characters. :)


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