November 12, 2010


This is round 3 of revisions on ALL BECAUSE OF YOU and I've never been so frustrated. The shark above is an accurate description for me, but I thought it was funny when revisions were referred to as "Revision Hell". I'm quickly learning that this is true! I've always been able to shoot through revisions without problems, and that's probably why I'm not published yet. I started this round about 2 weeks ago and I'm only in the middle of Chapter 7! I can honestly say the MS is getting better, but so far I've removed over 70 PAGES of filler. 70 pages. That's a lot of words. This is a suspense. I'm not sure what the general word count is, but I started with 87,000. Hopefully a lot of work can be done this weekend.

What do you consider Hell?


  1. lol..yep revisions are -- and will always be -- difficult and painful. It's a test of a true writer to keep plodding through. It's certainly worth it in the end.

  2. Good for you! 70 pages is a lot. Tt must feel good to recognize filler. BTW, ummm...why is that shark picture so frickin cool? Me wants.

    I am in revisions also. They are the icky part of writing for me. I first draft like a bat out of hell and I really enjoy line edits too. But revisions just confuse me. Sigh.

  3. It never gets easier either. NO matter how much you think you're done, when you read it again there's always something to tweak.

  4. Good point, Anne. I'd have to say my first novel was worse. At least 10 rounds, then I just gave up.

    Lynda - so right! I'm excited to see how much better the MS will get, but it's hard to remove so much.

    Dayana - Good luck with your revisions. I Googled "Revisions" and that was the first picture that came up! See? Everyone else knows our pain!


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