November 22, 2010

Rules to Write By

Good Monday morning, friends! It' Monday and I'm not at work! Yay :) Sorry for those who are. You'll get your day off soon. Anywho, I wanted to stop by in the middle of my revisions/research paper to let everyone know I've started a new website.

This website was an assignment for my grammar class. Yes, I'm taking a grammar class and it is as boring as you can imagine, but this assignment turned out to be a good thing.

Rules to Write By is a resource for writers of any level to find some answers to grammar questions. Right now, it's really small. Only 5 topics (that was my assignment), but hopefully over the next couple years I can make it into something grand and an actual resource for those of us who struggle with or never learned grammar.

I'm really interested in making this a team effort so we can get as much information out there as possible for writers. Contact me if you're interested in adding your own topic or to give some general feedback about content on the site.


  1. That's a great idea. While I feel pretty confident in my abilities as a writer in general, I still sometimes wonder if my grammar is a little off - it's something I want to work on! I'll definitely have to check out your new website. I found your blog through Kristin - nice meeting you! :)


  2. Welcome to the journey, Guin! Hope some of my posts are interesting :)

  3. I had a quick look over at 'Rules to Write by' and it's great. Good work!


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