November 13, 2010

Format Me

There are many resources for writers out there. Whether it be a book, discussions with authors, or support from your awesome following, all craft advice is welcome to novice writers such as myself, but can be confusing.

Formatting is one of those confusing subjects.

Seems like every website, book and author page has a different standard. I simply have to remember that it's different for everyone. So I've included a couple shots of what agents are looking for in formatting and would like to hear what your style is.
Taken from Harlequin's website.

Taken from Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript - awesome book
Another great resource for writers is Carolyn Jewel's Writing Advice page on her website. Click here to see how an author formats her MS.

Are these similar to yours or do you have a different way of doing things?

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