December 8, 2010

In Their Own Words: Adelaide Banvard

My name is Adelaide and I’m a killer. The voice inside my head will say there’s nothing wrong with that, but I never wanted my life to be this way. She sounds like me, the voice that whispers to me when I’m awake, at least as far as I can tell. I haven’t heard my own voice in nineteen years and neither has anyone else. It’s a trust issue. Kidnapped at the age of seven, I was the price for my father’s decisions and it ruined my life.  Forcing myself to remain mute gives me the feeling of control and I always need to be in control.

I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I’d been aloud to grow up as a normal child, away from the fights I was forced to participate in until I was sixteen. That was when I escaped. Christian was the one who saved me, tying my fate to his that day. In a way, I love him. He can control my monster, but for a price. He’s made me into his own assassin.
I want out and I’m willing to do anything to get what I want, but I never expected my chance to appear so soon or in the form of my enemy. 
Just remembering the sound of his voice calms the beast inside and I can’t get enough, but Christian would see me dead before letting me go, especially to an ATF agent who wants us all behind bars.
I’m lost, but have never thought so clearly before in my life.

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