December 2, 2009

You Won't Believe What Happened...

So today I went to go make a new word count of the revised MS for The First Romantic Suspense. Everything was going great until I got to Chapter 13. I went to open the document and it wouldn't open. I went on to Chapter 14, same thing. All the way to Chapter 18. These six chapters were the ones I was working on yesterday and today I was working on Chapter 19, which works just fine.
Well, low and behold, my files have been corrupted and I cannot open them.
I've tried my laptop, Kevin's, and my in-laws computer...nothing.
Six chapters....gone....
And being the anal person that I am, as soon as I was done with my additions to the chapters, I deleted them 5 minutes before I found my file corruption. I don't like excess things on my laptop or thumb drive. So they went bye bye.
A couple positive notes. I have the hard copies with corrections (down side to that is I don't have the additions I slid in, about 20 pages total). Second is the files that were corrupted were opened on my work computer today. So I'm hoping tomorrow I will be able to open them there.
Pray for me...

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