August 18, 2010

Making Progress

My Demonic Love is coming along nicely for now. It's always easier to write the beginning and the end. I have trouble writing the middle of my novels. That is were most of my time is spent, trying to get to the end and not in a boring manner. But it's going well, I think. I have been working on other things as well and should update you on those too. I'm not really giving as much attention to the other works in progress as I am with My Demonic Love, but they deserve recognition anyway!

My Demonic Love @
39k (Paranormal Romance)
My Mortal Eclipse @
1k (Paranormal Romance)
My Angelic Death @ 1k (Paranormal Romance)
Relief - A Short Story @ 5k (Chapbook)
Never Too Early
@ 1k (Sleuth)

I'm keeping pretty busy and loving every minute of it!

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