August 24, 2010


Good morning, friends. Not a lot has been happening in the world of writing since we last spoke. I have been asking myself a question for the past two weeks concerning my current work in progress, My Demonic Love, and this morning the answer was suddenly on the tip of my tongue. Location, location, location. That is what has Chapter 6 at a standstill. I literally could not think of a place that my hero and heroine would be safe to find the answers to their problems. They are being followed, their enemies know every detail of their lives and out for blood, so where in all of New York City (my main location) could these two feel safe? Well, she is a demon, and he is a doctor with no religious background. The answer was simple and obvious when you think about it. A church! Only my church is going to have a few extras to fit into what my characters need. I was stuck thinking the only place they could get the information they needed was a library and libraries are boring to write about. So out with the old and in with the new. Maybe Chapter 6 will actually get done this week or next. And yes, you can laugh all you want at my obliviousness.

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