October 17, 2010


Wow, the past couple of weeks have been so busy around here. School is getting ridiculous, leaving me barely any time to write. My w.i.p. has suffered the past few weeks, but today I was actually able to get about 3,300 words in. I'm up to 80,000 with just a few thousand to go! Yay :) I seriously never thought this MS would make it, but now that I'm down to the last two chapters things are finally starting to fall into place. I've written the query (which will be posted on the Public Query Slushpile soon) and hope to get some advice from my loyal followers. I've kind of missed you guys and apologize for not being a better follower. I will be back to commenting soon!

In other writing news, I also started another short story. This was completely unexpected, but this morning, I just couldn't not write down my dream. And with a lot of my dreams, they turn into stories. I'm still not sure where it's going and this is my first Fantasy storyline I've followed onto paper (or laptop), but we'll see how it goes.

I'm supposed to be studying for a midterm, but I want to know what writing you've been getting to lately! Tell me what you're working on :)


  1. I can't even imagine trying to juggle all that! And it's not just the time thing, but how do you have any creative energies left for writing?!

    I started a new novel, but wasn't sure just how I wanted to develop it, so I switched to one of my old novels (a story and characters I know intimately) and decided to give it a complete re-write...that ought to keep me busy for those dreaded northern winter days...

  2. Wow, I don't think I can even look at my first novel ever again. A complete rewrite? I don't want to imagine! Good luck!


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