October 25, 2010


I don't know about you, but I can't write without music. Like Stephenie Meyer, I make playlists throughout my projects, then listen to those songs for inspiration, specific wording to use in the MS and general enjoyment. Most of the music I listen to is Hard Rock or Heavy Metal, which reflects into my work, making it edgier. Sometimes it's a good thing. Sometimes it's a bad thing. Every once in a while, depending on the type of mood I want my writing to reflect, I'll throw in some Pop and Classic Rock. As a writer, I gain inspiration from a lot of places, but I have to say music is my #1.

Do you make playlists? How does music affect your work?


  1. The novel I'm rewriting is about a girl raised by blues musicians and so the music is a basic thread throughout the entire story. Sure wish I could get copyrights on some of they lyrics!

  2. Music is HUGE for me. I can't listen to music that's NOT on the playlist of whatever my current WIP is. It won't work. The cool thing is that when I listen to my playlist in the car, it takes me into my project. This means that I generally leap to my computer when I come in the door - or I'm frantically trying to write dialogue on a napkin while I drive...


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