October 22, 2010


I'm OBSESSED with The Public Query Slushpile. Since I started writing, I've been looking for someone who knows how a query letter is supposed to work, what information needs to go in it, how to format and everything in between. I can't believe it took me so long to find this site and I want to thank Rick Daley for creating this opportunity for me!

If you want a serious critique of your query letter, even some plotting, visit The Public Query Slushpile directly or through my "For Writers" page (listed under Author and Industry Blogs). I have to tell you though...if you post, I will most likely comment on your query. I find myself commenting on every entry, but it's for your own good!

This is an awesome chance to get your query letter ready for submission and all the comments I've received there have only bettered my chances of landing an agent.

Are there blogs, websites, trusted advisers out there that you simple can't help stalking?


  1. Ahh, the dreaded query letter. I spent SO much time on mine that now I actually enjoy dissecting other queries! That blog is awesome. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Have you checked out query tracker? If not sounds like you would like it. You can post your query in the forums and others will help you with it. You can also post your synopsis and first few pages I believe. As well as track who your submitting queries too! :D

  3. Joy - that sounds like a great idea! Thanks for the heads up :)

  4. Wow! Sounds like a place I'd want to camp out at as well... I'm not ready to have my query put to the test, I'm still working on it... but I'll keep it in mind!

  5. I'm glad you've found The Public Query Slushpile so rewarding! Thanks for the thanks, but the real value comes from the people like you who submit queries and offer advice in the comments. My job as moderator is easy. I just copy & paste ;-)


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