October 9, 2010


As many of you know, my second novel, ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, is out for submission to a handful of agents. I wanted to share my query letter with all of you and get some feedback if possible. I've posted the original to The Public Query Slushpile and hope you'll take part! Here is the first revision. Apparently, I'm having trouble with genre. Where the heck does this book fit in?

In other news, this weekend unraveled a lot within my current W.i.P, My Demonic Love. I fixed a few details in random chapters, trying to make the plot run more smoothly and ended up adding a whole other chapter. This is the only way I can explain EVERYTHING and now realize that I won't have any trouble getting to 90,000 words (I was a little apprehensive).

I've found that I work more efficiently when I'm switching between two projects at once. This gives me the opportunity to take mental breaks from one MS while working on the other and I think my writing is getting better in the process :)

How many projects do you work on at one time?

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