March 24, 2011

5 Happy Things

I'm stealing a post idea from one of my fellow bloggers, because it almost seems neccessary to remember the good things than to dwell on the bad for this past week.

1. I got a B on my midterm for Gender and Sex Identity in Literature (half the test was essays). Yay me :)
2. I'm in the final stages of revision for my query and synopsis on LET ME OUT, my commercial suspense. Soon, I will be querying.
3. I lost 5 pounds because of my diet and exercise plan.
4. I finally had time to get my hair colored. Now, it doesn't look like I have 5 different colors in there.
5. I actually have free time to read My Immortal Assassin by Carolyn Jewel (my favorite author), which came out in January.

What are some of your Happy Things for this week?

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