March 28, 2011

I've Been Outed

And we're off! Yes, that's right, my query for my commercial suspense is out the door, or should I say in my sent email file.

If you haven't queried before, read this article by the wonderful Anne Gallagher (a.k.a. The Piedmont Writer) or just go read it because it's damn good.

With my first novel, I didn't really expect much because I didn't know what I was doing, but having put that behind me, I now have experience and let me tell you, it sucks. I've never gone through The Five Stages of Querying before, but now that I completely support this novel and the time, research, editing and revisions I've gone through to make it perfect, I'm quaking in my boots. Not literally, of course, but I'm pretty distracted! I want to refresh my email every five seconds and before you say, "Go focus on something else", I am.

The sequel to this suspense is already written, but I'm doing some major revisions and editing on the sucker (in case there is a bite from an agent). I also have a 10 page paper due in about 5 weeks. So, you see, I'm working on other projects, but that doesn't stop me from checking my email every hour!

There are 12 queries out for this book, 10 agents and 2 publishers (digital publishers). I also have a query out for one of the articles I wrote to Writer's Digest, but that's 10 weeks away. I'm dying of anxiety...

How do you distract yourself after querying? I want to know!


  1. Eek! Good luck!

    I don't have much advice because the last time I queried I was a cocky teenager (okay... twenty-one year-old, sue me) and didn't freak out.

    This summer when I'm querying? You can bet I'll freak out.

  2. Thanks, Chelsey! Good luck with your queries this summer.

  3. Good Luck. Hope something clicks for you.


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