March 18, 2011


Have you ever approached your own MS like a critique partner would? As writers we have a hard time stepping back sometimes, but what if you haven't looked at that MS in say...6 months? That's where I'm at with my third novel, which will be getting some MAJOR revisions this year. I haven't done anything with this novel in 6-8 months, so I wonder if it will be easier to BETA. I'm going to give myself the same gaurantee I offer for my critiques:

"I will only make comments in the margins and not touch your actual MS except to separate paragraphs or split each chapter to a new page. What this means: If you have a REALLY long paragraph, I will try to break it up for you by starting new paragraphs. I will never change the words you've written, only apply suggestions within the comments."

This will be the first time I'll approach my own work this way. I'll take all the comments and decipher which are pertanent and which I'll overlook.

So tell me, how do you approach your work when it's time to revisions? Dive right in on the MS or BETA yourself?

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