April 3, 2011

Oh For The Love

Revision Hell! Yep, The Next Suspense is going sloooooowly. In a way, it's great because I am making the MS 10 times better than the original, but will it ever end? Not exactly where I hoped to be with the revisions, but I have until probably October to get everything in order.

This is how it's going so far...
I have an entire new book in the margins! I'm still in the "comment only" version of revisions. I haven't applied any changes to the MS yet. I'm taking this project on with a different kind of process. I'm BETA-ing my own work before I make changes. Never done it before. Seems to be going well though. This MS was originally romantic suspense, but is being turned in commercial suspense since its companion is being queried as a commercial suspense. That is where my niche lies. Suspense.

Hopefully, I will be ready to pitch this book to the wonderful Angela James from Carina Press when she visits Vegas in November. We shall see.

Query update for LET ME OUT: 5 rejections/ 7 queries out - two are full requests (publishers who request the entire MS at the time of query).

What are you guys working on? Are you in Revision Hell or Query Hell with me?


  1. I'm totally in that hell with you. Plus NSync just filtered through my stereo speakers. Curse my teenage daughter for messing with my play list.

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