April 27, 2011

Can I Get a Re-do?

My first novel, as you may know, will never see the light of day. It was a "prequel" to LET ME OUT and the book I'm currently revising. These are stand alone titles. They are connected, but not in a series. This being said, the hero of my first novel is FREAKING HOT! And I want to use him in another book.
He is yummy. My crush for Daniel Craig actually started my writing career (he's my muse) and even though my first book didn't make it, I want to use him again (and again and again...) Of course, he'll have a different name, different personality, etc. But what do you think?

Is it wrong to use characters twice? Do you re-use yours?


  1. What a muse! ;)

    I don't think it's wrong if you change everything about them. I've re-used characters. I have a manuscript that didn't work out, but I want to keep my favorite characters from it alive.


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