May 1, 2011

Focus On What's Important: Me!

Nap time's over people. Back to work!

My break from writing is over. The world came crashing down on my shoulders last weekend when I realized I would need to rewrite the ENTIRE MS I'm currently revising and received 2 rejections the same day. These are things that wouldn't normally bother me separately. Rejection happens and I've grown as a writer so much, that I deem my book crap :) Together? Not such a good combination.

I wasn't physically working on the book, but I still made a lot of notes to figure things out.

Welcome to my way of getting things done. It may look like a mess, but this is my outline. I keep very detailed step-by-step outlines so I can review them quickly if I need to go back. Of course, Tracking Changes is on because what I think will work better may not actually and I'll need to revert to the old. I hear the newer OS X.7 Lion will have a feature called Versions (I use a Mac), but not for Microsoft (I use Word for Mac). The program will automatically save "versions" of your work like a backup. Until then, Tracking Changes it is.

The book is kicking my ass. I have come up with a lot of solutions, I hope, but I have a lot of work to do! Sent out a few more submissions for LET ME OUT after revising the letter AGAIN! I'm on...4th round of submissions? Still have 9 queries open.

Are your outlines horrendous like mine? Or simple? Where are you at in Revision Hell?


  1. The MS I'm rewriting is DEFINITELY kicking my butt. Draft Five (ish) still feels like a first draft, where I'm getting to know my character. She's so different from the characters in BV that it makes her hard to write. I think we're getting there, though.


    I actually outlined this one recently using the Snowflake Outline technique and I think it's helping.

    We'll see...

  2. Chelsey, what is the Snowflake outline? I've never heard of it, but if it makes my life easier I want to try!

  3. I use a whiteboard and a notebook for my outlines. I'm working on getting the basic structure of the book right. I think it's the hardest part of revisions.

  4. I am currently revising a manuscript I had on the shelf for nearly three years. It appears I needed that long to get the proper distance from it. Does that apply to all writers? Absolutely not. But what does apply to all writers is that it is a tough, long-haul process when it comes to novels. No way to get around that. I wish the best of luck + wisdom.

  5. Lynda - I wish I was that organized. I keep a notebook for my writing, but mostly to use as an "agenda" to stay on top of things.

    Suze - Every writer is different. I agree 100% - it is a tough, long-haul process. Good luck with your revisions :)


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