May 14, 2011

I'll Show You Mine

Get your head out of the gutter!

This week's posts are going to center on me! I know, what a surprise. No, really. I'm not sure how much you guys know about me, but you follow my blog and you make comments and I just want to make sure you know who you're stalking :)

Today's post will be more a biographical one, but as the week moves on I'll be adding a little spice with two excerpts from LET ME OUT, my commercial suspense that is out to query right now. I still have to find them, but I'm going to make them good! It will give you a chance to get to know me better and what my style of writing is.

What do you think? Do you want to read further?

I was born and raised in Las Vegas. My Nana (my mom's mom) spent most of the time washing my mouth out with soup from swearing or dragging my butt to the dentist, yet again, to replace my front tooth that was kicked out by my brother or cousins. She raised us for the most part while my single mom worked full time and went to school. Then we moved to Utah. Went to a Mormom private school for two years, then carted around to various public schools until I graduated from high school in 2004 when I was 17. I was already taking college classes at that time and finished an associates degree in Psychology, but not until 2008 because I got married at 19. Still married by the way :)

I finished my first novel when I was 21 because Stephanie Meyer made it look SO easy and now I have four novels complete three years later. That first novel didn't work out, but it is the basis of the following two, both single-titled manuscripts. I'm currently working on a bachelors degree in English Literature to become a house editor and am very jealous of my best friend for completing her PhD before she turned 27. So that's my next goal: apply to grad school next year.

I'm an avid runner, and an avid eater. I love food, which is why I have to workout so much. My iPod consists of Screa-mo bands, especially Senses Fail, my all-time favorite band. I'm a very picky reader. I can really never find anything I like to read, but when I find an author I enjoy, I'll buy all their books.

I'm allergic to chocolate.

Oh, yes. You may gasp. It's true. Chocolate gives me hives, but that doesn't stop me from eating it. A lot.

I'm a Mac. Not a PC. I'm a very digital person, but will only remember things I physically write down. I have very selective hearing either from wearing headphones on full blast all day or I really don't want to listen to my husband nagging me about the dirty dishes I refuse to touch.

My second novel, LET ME OUT, is currently out for submission for 9 agents and 2 publishers, Carina Press and Sapphire Blue Publishing, and is a book that I'm absolutely in love with. I've learned a lot by being a member of RWA and will never give up on my goal of being published because I know this book can make it given the chance. This year I've focused 100% on my career as a writer and editor, so I was awarded a position with SoCal Mystery Writers of America to be the editor of their newsletter :) I'm really excited for that. I have my first meeting on Tuesday for it.

I want to hear from my stalkers :) Tell me about yourself, your writing, or even do a post and send me the link!

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  1. I feel like bloggers should do this more often. I like getting the whole lowdown :) I didn't know you were getting your BA in English. I have one of those. It's fun to play with.... ;-)

    I'm also TOTALLY a Mac.


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