May 4, 2011

I Need Your Help

So you remember when I said I was getting back to writing after the end of my break on Saturday? Ha! It hasn't happened. I have finals, and Mother's Day and vacation and...blah blah blah.

I'm still taking notes on the revisions. So I need your help.

So farin The Next Suspense, I have 3 POVs: both MCs and the bad guy.

If I have two MCs running from the FBI and the bad guy, should I make a POV from the lead FBI agent?

I know this is more of a personal question considering this is MY story, but how many POVs is too much? I'm currently reading The Passage by Justin Cronin (suspense) and he has nearly ten POVs so far. Suspense isn't Romance, as far as I know there isn't a set amount of face-time each character needs to have, but will it be harder to follow the MCs journey if I add another character to the mix?

Need serious help. Please comment!


  1. How important is the FBI (in terms of what they're thinking/strategizing) to the story? Do you need their perspective or to explain why they do things to make the story stronger? If not, don't add an FBI agent's POV. Just have them as the other menace beside the bad guy.

  2. No, I don't think he/she would make the story stronger. Maybe I should create the character (I haven't yet), but not have his POV.


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